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Central Ga. family retraces Mandela's footsteps | News

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Central Ga. family retraces Mandela's footsteps

A big part of that history is Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid leader.

"Nelson Mandela is a much, much loved, much revered man there," said Audrey Bailey, Jefferson's mother.

Bailey and her daughters visited Robben Island where Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years.

Bronwyn Jefferson said his cell was the size of a small closet.

"A complete square, is just enough for a mat, that barely held him, a bucket for them to use, I mean something there small in the corner, that is it," said Jefferson.

"You can still feel his presence there, nobody has been in that room since he was released from that prison," said Bailey.

"You wonder how a man can spend so much time in prison, and then come out and he's the president of this country," added Bailey.

Tour guides told the family how Mandela would write while in the courtyard.

"And hide his writings out there, because he could not bring them inside the cell with him," said Jefferson.

And that's not all they saw.

"The quarry that they worked in where they broke up these rocks, you know, they talked about the heat," said Jefferson.

Bailey also has two adopted sons, she shared what she wants them to learn from the leader.

"That this is a man that was very comfortable in his skin, he knew exactly what he wanted and he knew how to get it and he knew how to keep his wits about him," said Bailey.

" I know that there is a lot of mourning in his death, but his life is so much celebration. For not just South Africa, but for absolutely everybody, the entire world," added Jefferson.


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