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"The old Redding School" remembered | News

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"The old Redding School" remembered

Blanton Redding is the grandson of W.B. Redding, the man for whom the elementary school that burned Wednesday night was named.

"It obviously has a special place in my heart and in my mind," he said. "It was hard to describe. It was just sort of a sinking feeling."

He was there when the old elementary school burned down.

"Just looking at it, immediately, I knew that it was destroyed. There was no way that all the fire trucks in the city could have put it out because the flames were reaching high into the sky," Redding said.

He says the fire may have taken the building, but memories of the old Redding School still burn brightly.

"And in my mind, I can just hear those children up there screaming at recess. I could still hear that in a memory. So, it's a sad day and it still has an emotional attachment to me," Redding said.

It was the place where Redding met his wife, where he played alongside his siblings, and where he sent his two children, and he wasn't alone.

"When I think about Redding Elementary, I think about family. I went to Redding kindergarten through sixth grade. My mother, my aunt, my uncle all went there, both of my grandparents and my great grandparents," Redding said.

"My first memory is walking to school. My grandmother lived three doors down, and walking to first grade, and walking home for lunch and walking back,"

"And it was just a real neat, close-knit group of people. Most everybody there was kin to each other," Danny Bullington, who graduated in 1958, said.

Redding says its those memories that help ease this tough time.

"One thing that's really moving to me... We would start every day with prayer and every day with bible reading, and that was a good thing," Redding said.


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