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Bibb taxpayers to see increase on Georgia Power bill | News

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Bibb taxpayers to see increase on Georgia Power bill

People in former unincorporated parts of Bibb County will soon see higher numbers on their next Georgia Power bill. That's due to an increase in franchise fees.

Those are the fees collected by city governments from cable, gas, and phone companies for permission to run lines through public property.

People in the former city limits of Macon already pay the 2.9% percent fee on each bill. County residents were paying just over 1%.

Everyone in Macon-Bibb will pay the higher fee as part of a state-regulated agreement. So raising the fee would add about a dollar ninety to a customer's $100 utility bill.

"I will be one of those that has to pay a little more," says district one commissioner Gary Bechtel. "But we've got a job trying to replace some of the revenue that we lost due to consolidation with city ad valorum taxes, so this is a vehicle to help us do that so we don't have to raise our property taxes."

The City of Macon received around $8 million last year from franchise fees. Georgia Power could not estimate how much that will increase by adding people in the county.

Macon Mayor Robert Reichert says he is reaching out to phone and gas companies, and franchise fees for those companies will also be added.


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