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Skin-care tips for cold weather | News

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Skin-care tips for cold weather

"Dry skin is going to be sensitive. If you're around fragrances, or you're around fabrics, it will tend to react to those things cause there's no buffer. And moisturizer ultimately acts as a buffer to the skin to protect it from the outside elements," she said.

Exfoliating and moisturizing are two key things she says will help skin combat the cold. More specifically, oily skin types should use water-based moisturizers, while dry skin types should use an oil-based one. Curtis recommends natural oils.

She said, "A jojoba oil, or an olive oil. Something that's going to penetrate the skin, but not irritate the skin."

Some people in Macon told me they rely on moisture when cold weather strikes.

Vedrick Jackson said, "Lotion up. I use chapstick for my lips, but lotion is the best product."

Kashanda Hall added, "Keep plenty of grease and cocoa butter on your face."

Curtis said one inexpensive tip helps skin tremendously, rinsing the face with cold water instead of warm water.

"Cold water has a way of helping to retain moisture to the skin and that's something that literally costs nothing," she said.

Two last things Curtis recommends are to pat the face dry instead or wiping, and to sleep on a satin pillowcase instead of a cotton one.


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