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Hardware stores stock up for cold weather | News

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Hardware stores stock up for cold weather

"I've had one request for chains for tires, not something that you usually see down here in Macon, Georgia, sold several trash can lids as sleds, that's about the best we have."

During a typical week, George Jackson says Ace Hardware sells some pipe insulation, heaters, and a few bags of salt, but not this winter.

Jackson's already sold about five pallets, and he says he doesn't expect his current supply to last him through the end of the day.

Each one of those pallets holds 50 bags of salt.

That means customers have already plowed through 250, 40 pound bags in the last two weeks. That's 10,000 pounds of salt: the weight of a small airplane.

"I've heard people say anywhere from an inch of snow to some people thinking we're going to get a foot of snow, which I mean is unheard of in the South, Central Georgia. I think they're expecting a lot," Jackson said.

It's left some of his store's shelves empty along with others across Central Georgia. 13WMAZ called five stores today.

They all told us the same thing: they're sold out.

"There's so many people around the nation that are wanting space heaters, we don't have any," said Bruce Ponder, a sales associate at Ace Hardware.


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