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Sledding fun on Coleman Hill | News

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Sledding fun on Coleman Hill


Dozens of Central Georgians chose to take advantage of the weather by sledding down one of the highest points in Macon.
13WMAZ's Kristen Swilley spent the day with those having fun in the snow.

While the white stuff caused a few headaches, it also created a rare winter wonderland for children and adults that kept even the coldest Central Georgians coming back for hours.

"We'll probably go in, have some hot chocolate, and come back out, " Joy Jackson, a Kansas City native said.

She hasn't seen snow since she moved to Macon, and for her and her roommates, the weather was a real treat.

The site of Wednesday's sledding race was Coleman Hill, near Mercer University's law school. That's one of the highest points in Macon.

Dozens turned out to try their luck at making it to the bottom without falling off.

There, people used everything from boogie boards, to cardboard, to cookie sheets to get down the hill.

"We had a plastic sheet from a big photograph that we got at Target. That did not work," Jackson said.

"Someone had skis together with a cushion from a couch, which was pretty awesome," said Laura Gadberry, who's also from the Midwest.

We asked Brandon Meyers, who went down the hill on a trashcan lid, what's the most creative sled he's seen besides his own.

"Um, there was a rubber ducky. That didn't last very long, but there was a giant inflatable rubber ducky that got snagged and died," Meyers said.

"I don't think they sell sleds in Macon, so you kind of have to improvise with what you're going to go down a hill on," Gadberry said.

And whether they were using inner tubes, cardboard boxes, or actual snowboards the mission was clear: enjoying the snow before it's gone.


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