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Macon's 48th Brigade still aiding in Atlanta | News

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Macon's 48th Brigade still aiding in Atlanta


Officials say more than 2,000 cars were left abandoned on Atlanta highways, and today many drivers are trying to pick them up. Law enforcement, EMA crews, and the National Guard are helping them.

Also pitching in, about 20 soldiers from the Macon's 48th Brigade who are still in Atlanta today along with 200 other 48th members from across the state. Many of them left for Atlanta around 2 o'clock Wednesday morning.

A few, including Captain Eric Pridgen returned Thursday after more than 36 hours helping stranded drivers and school children.

Pridgen says crews were offering people water and MREs, or "meals ready to eat." They also helped try to untangle the pileup of cars on Atlanta's highways.

"Being able to actually help people, everyday folks not necessarily that you know, but people you can relate to," says Pridgen. "You're helping defend the country and that's great, but actually being on the home front there, in the state, it's a great feeling."

Pridgen says the 48th is prepared to send more soldiers up to Atlanta if they're needed, but they hope to bring home the crews that are there sometime Thursday night or Friday.


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