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Mercer Village restaurants open until midnight | News

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Mercer Village restaurants open until midnight

Starting Monday night, there will be a few more options to eat to satisfy that late-night craving.

One of four restaurants at Mercer Village will be open until midnight each night this week.

There's Jittery Joe's Coffee, Margaritas, Ingleside Village Pizza , and FranCar's

Buffalo Wings will take turns each night staying open a little later.

Some restaurants even boast a special menu to promote the event.

Carl Fambro of FranCar's says this is an answer to Mercer students who he said asked for more local late-night dining options.

"For the restaurants of course, we're trying to keep all labor costs down.There's not a lot of students who come out at night so it'll be more of counter style service for most of us. And we're looking forward to it, see what happens," he said.

"I think people are just looking for something outside of normal hours. You're sitting at home after dinner and you're just kind of like, I want to get out a little bit. So people want to go out, hang out somewhere and get away from the house or get away from their dorm," added Dustin Prater, the general manager of Jittery Joe's.

Here is the schedule:

Monday: Jittery Joe's Coffee

Tuesday: Maragarits

Wednesday: Ingleside Village Pizza

Friday: FranCar's Buffalo Wings

Fambro says this event might last all month.


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