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Eisenhower parkway may get revamped | News

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Eisenhower parkway may get revamped

Nearly 15 years after Andy Mukherjee opened his jewelry business in a once busy Macon Mall he says the building and the area around it need help.

"To be in this mall was like, you'll find anything here if you came to shop here, there's not a store that you won't find here, but it's really different today, " Muhkerjee said.

What was a thriving area decades ago lost many of its popular retail stores and restaurants to the Riverside Mall in North Macon...since then the Macon Malls new owners have made renovations.

"Before Hull Storey Gipson bought the mall, this was a broken mall," Mark Stevens, the owner's regional development officer said.

It's that image the owner's regional development officer Mark Stevens hopes to change, by designating it as a Community Improvement District.

Stephens says it's more than a move to create extra foot traffic, but one that's designed to revitalize Eisenhower parkway, especially those businesses that have fallen on hard times.

We're working to remove some of the blight that has taken place up and down the eisenhower corridor and to attract new tenants," said Stephens, who added he's confident in the area's future.

"I think the enclosed malls are coming back, and I think the Macon Mall is coming back," he said.

Mukherjee hopes that's true, and that any new businesses would help boost his own.

"Without new businesses coming in could be small stores local businesses," he said. "Brand names and big stores help but as long as we get new stores in we will be okay."


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