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Storm causes near-miss for Macon family | News

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Storm causes near-miss for Macon family

What began as a quiet morning for the Telfer family, Mother Nature quickly pulled the plug on.

"My mom came in and she said, 'Courtney, Courtney, there's a tree.' It fell. We're not used to trees falling. I figured they'd stay up long enough, but they fell and the power was out," Courtney Telfer said.

Despite being surrounded by trees, the Telfer family home didn't sustain any damage, but they say they're glad they dodged another bullet that could have cost them thousands.

Every night for the past 12 years, they've parked their family van down the road just past their driveway, but as the rain started to fall, they decided to move the white Toyota closer to home.

"When I looked out the other window, I saw the tree down, and the first thought I had was, 'Oh my goodness. It hit our vehicle,' but then after looking and waking up a little bit, I realized our van wasn't parked in our normal spot. Thank the Lord that the van wasn't there,'" Telfer said.

After three hours of work, power was back up and running at the Telfer residence, and they're counting themselves lucky for a narrow miss.


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