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Winter storms strand travelers at hotels | News

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Winter storms strand travelers at hotels

As the rain began to fall, the Macon Marriott's business picked up, filling the hotel's 220 rooms with travelers playing it safe in the storm.

One of those travelers was Thomas Dalzell, who was making his way from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Fort Myers, Florida.

"Snow is not a problem for us, but when you get into the icy roads particularly when we came from Chattanooga over into Atlanta. Thank goodness we had a four-wheel drive vehicle because it was pretty dicey," Dalzell said.

Though the weather was cloudy, hotel management considers the extra business a silver lining.

"It was a nice rebound, because we were terrified, with all the cancellations we would have gone from 100 percent to 40 percent," Kevin Dowdell with the Macon Marriott said.

And while the Marriott may not be home, Dalzell says Macon's the next best thing.

"Oh, it's a great city. Great food, the people are very friendly, very friendly, so we enjoyed our stay here," he said.

A stay he liked, but hopes to make next time under warmer circumstances.


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