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Dean of MSM inspires her Southwest alumni | News

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Dean of MSM inspires her Southwest alumni

In July, Dr. Valerie Montgomery-Rice will become the first African-American female president of Morehouse School of Medicine.

She is currently the dean of the school, has a degree from Harvard and is an infertility specialist and researcher.

"Now, people say all the time, well you must have been really smart," she said to current students, "I am pretty bright, but, I have always been able to leverage opportunities from other people around me. And that's what made me smart."

On Friday, Dr. Montgomery-Rice spoke to the students at a Health and Safety fair at Southwest High School; the very same school that she graduated from.

One Southwest junior thinks hearing Rice was worth coming. Kyle Allen said that he's wanted to go to Morehouse since he was in middle school and that coming to hear the dean has helped motivated him.

He said, "It made me want to go to Morehouse even more now because she also was a graduate from Southwest. And so I feel I can follow in her footsteps and I can go to Morehouse and become a doctor."

His mother, Sandra Ashley, says he's wanted to be a doctor since he could talk and that coming on Friday will help her continue to motivate him.

"People said 'You're gonna be a football player', and he would get very upset. He said 'No, I'm gonna be a doctor'," Ashley said.

Rice says she wants to create pipeline programs and get Georgia youth excited about math and science, just as she was years ago.

"I am convinced, that growing up in a single-parent home, and having the challenges that we had financially, that education was the equalizer for me," said Rice.

Allen says he wants to give back to his community; another lesson learned from Dr. Montgomery-Rice.

"If it wasn't for my community, I wouldn't be where I plan to be," he said.


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