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HUD inspects Macon Gardens Apartments | News

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HUD inspects Macon Gardens Apartments

Tuesday, the Macon Gardens Apartments complex got a visit from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development after we reported on sewage backing up into apartments, units falling apart, and insect infestations.

The owners of the complex receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal subsidies each year under the HUD Section 8 program, which helps pay the rent for low-income tenants.

13WMAZ went back to Macon Gardens and saw the inspector show up around 2 p.m.

He went into several buildings. Management didn't allow us to follow him.

But we did talk to Macon Garden tenants who say they've seen it all in their time there, and we've noted a few observations of our own since we first brought you this story in 2012.

That's when we reported some previous inspection scores, including the lowest of the city in May 2011. That was a score of 35 on a scale of 100.

Shortly after our story aired in 2012, HUD conducted another inspection. They gave the complex another failing score of 57.

HUD was supposed to follow up and see whether the problems were fixed, but it took more than a year for another inspection after we reported on more problems there.

The agency spokesman previously told us that he expects results of today's inspection within 30 days.

Thomas Jackson says he has lived in the complex for 20 years, but has never been selected for inspection.

He said a neighbor's apartment was inspected and they took a look at holes in walls and ripped up baseboards.

In Jackson's own apartment he has to use pliers to turn on his shower since both knobs are missing. He can't turn it off completely.

He says it's been that way for more than a year. His living room floor consistently floods with water.

Jackson says when he told management about those problems they simply told him help was on the way.

He says that conversation about fixing his shower happened more than a year ago.

Since then he's had to bathe with water from his sink.


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