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Bibb attorney responds to border dispute ruling | News

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Bibb attorney responds to border dispute ruling

Bibb County attorney Virgil Adams is pleased, but not surprised by a ruling that came from the state Supreme Court today, keeping hundreds of yards, and possibly millions of dollars of revenue in Bibb County.

It reverses a previous decision from a Fulton County judge, moving the border that divides Bibb and Monroe Counties further south.

Bibb County attorney Virgil Adams says Monday's decision by the state supreme court has been a long time coming and literally a century in the making.

"We were not invited to the party, so we did not get the opportunity to present evidence to the trial court that this survey was wrong," Adams said.

In January of 2013, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Kelly Lee ruled to move the boundary lines between Bibb and Monroe in a way that would give Monroe an area worth millions, according to Bibb attorney Virgil Adams.

And at the center of the big border battle is big business, namely Bass Pro Shops. It's a major source of revenue neither county's been willing to part with without a fight.

Neighborhoods including parts of Providence are also caught right in the middle of what has been a century-long debate.

"It runs all the way over to the Crawford County line," Adams said. "So there's a lot of homes and businesses that would have been disrupted if the decision had been allowed to stand."

A redrawing of the lines would have meant former Bibb County families would now be sending their kids to school in Monroe.They'd also be paying taxes in Monroe County.

Monroe stood firm, but the Supreme Court stood behind Bibb, overturning the lower court's decision, stating Bibb didn't have adequate notice before a judge ruled in Monroe's favor.

Monday's 21 page states: "under the circumstances presented here, however, we believe the trial court abused it's discretion," adding, "we conclude that the trial court erred in denying Bibb County's motion to intervene."

Adams says he now hopes this long-fought battle his northern neighbor is drawing to a close.

"So that 's the party we didn't get invited to and the Supreme Court said today we should have been invited to the party," Adams said.

13WMAZ reached out to Monroe County's Mike Bilderback for response to today's ruling.

We didn't speak with him, but a rep for the county said they were still reviewing the ruling and would not comment at this time.


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