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San Fran artist connects people during Macon visit | News

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San Fran artist connects people during Macon visit

Hunter Franks calls himself a "creative interventionist," and he describes it as "using creativity to bring together communities in fun and unique ways."

He says, "I started off just sort of as an artist, figuring out as I go along and doing what I love to do and try to get strangers talking to each other, and the rest has kind of worked itself out."

He's been doing it for about 2 years in his hometown of San Francisco through community programs.The Knight Foundation has given him $55,000 to bring those same programs to other cities including Macon.

"A big question that the Knight Foundation has that I have as well, is, 'How do we get people of different backgrounds talking to one another and building real meaningful relationships?'" Franks says.

He plans to do just that by having different people who wouldn't normally interact get to know each other.

His first program is the neighborhood Post Card Project.

"My goal with that is to collect personal positive stories from different neighborhoods in Macon and then send those postcards to people in different neighborhoods," he says.

His next event is the Community Cookbook, where he will collect recipes from people in different neighborhoods.

"So using food as a unifier between people, we'll be compiling these into a full cookbook and then also finding places in public space to paste both the portrait of the person and also their favorite recipe."

Franks says that Macon's history of race and class differences may be the reason behind the invisible barrier between people, but he wants to break down those walls during his time here.

"What I am going to hopefully do is start that conversation a little bit and start talking about race and class and things that they wouldn't normally talk about," he says.

Later this month, Franks will use the post cards and recipes from those two events to host a new one.

He calls it "A Love Notes to Macon" Potluck.

It happens Thursday, March 27th from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Historic Capricorn studio building on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Franks also wants to start a chapter of a League of Creative Interventionists.

There will be a meet-up on Tuesday, March 18th at the Macon Arts Alliance at 6 p.m.


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