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Sheriff: Sutton on leave during investigation | News

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Sheriff: Sutton on leave during investigation

On Friday investigators are still trying to sort out the details of two police-involved shootings that happened in one day. One involved Deputy Clayton Sutton who was cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of Sammie Davis Junior or "June Bug" in December 2012.

After hearing an assistance call Thursday afternoon, Sutton and Investigator John Horne chased two men. Sutton caught one of them, Shawn Maurice Taylor. The 42-year-old tried to jump over a fence in the chase and got hurt, though investigators still don't know how.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said the community has expressed concerns to him about Deputy Clayton Sutton.

"I tell people that to let the sheriffs office do our work, let the GBI do their work and don't jump to any kind of conclusions," said Davis.

An incident report describes Shawn Taylor 's account of how it all started.

According to Taylor before the shooting, Soloman Mays asked him to smoke marijuana with him.

Then Taylor described how Sutton, responding to an emergency call, got out of his car with his gun drawn.

That led to a chase, where Taylor tried to jump over a fence, and at least two shots fired.

Afterwards Taylor told Deputy Emory "Ma'am, look at my stomach, this man shot me!."

Emory, who filled out the report said she saw scrapes on the left side of Taylor's stomach and droplets of blood.

Sheriff Davis said Sutton has not been on street patrol and has been working with the department's property division.

"Basically in the office but working with the pawn shops and their investigation of what their activities are," said Davis.

When asked if he has concerns about Sutton. "It's unfortunate, it's two incidents that one officer has been involved in. But you have to take each incident as its own," said Davis.

When a deputy fires their weapon and someone said they are injured, Davis said the deputy who fired that weapon is put on administrative leave.

"I don't know how long they'll be on administrative leave because these investigations can take a long time to get through," said Davis.

According to the Bibb County Jail Shawn Taylor posted bond Friday afternoon and has been released. The officer involved in Thursday's other shooting is also on leave.


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