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Heard Elementary breaks ground | News

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Heard Elementary breaks ground

Heard Elementary School is getting a major makeover with money from the Bibb County SPLOST and the state.

Bibb County school board members broke ground on a new school Tuesday afternoon.

The 96,000 square-foot school is being built right next to the old school on Houston Road.

It will accommodate up to 900 students.

The current school holds 600, according to school board president, Sue Sipe.

Sipe says the school has a rich history but needed major improvements.

"Back when my children were here 25 years ago, we were having problems with water coming out of the vents and the ceilings and things, so it's time. We need something very secure and very safe for our students," Sipe said. "Our entire third-grade is in trailers. It's time to get them out of there."

Third-grader Quinton Underwood says he can hear the construction from his classroom trailer.

"I usually hear banging and a big 'beep, beep, beep' every time they're backing up," Underwood said.

But he says he doesn't mind it, because a new school is a better school.

After all, he's a sixth-generation Heard Hawk.

His great-grandmother, Betty Barrett, sat in Heard's classrooms decades ago.

"My first-grade teacher was actually my daughter's first-grade teacher and my grand-daughter's," Barrett said.

Things were different then.

"We used to have maypole dancing," she said.

For Barrett, a brand new school is bittersweet.

"it's just taking away a lot of my memories of the school. I didn't want them to move at first but now I'm glad," Barrett said.

Leslie Elliott, a fourth-grade teacher, says the current building is limiting.

"There are not enough classrooms and not enough facilities to really be able to function properly," Elliott said. "It's kind of like a family that's outgrown their home and we have way outgrown our home."

Most of the old school will be demolished, except for the auditorium and main lobby, according to Sipe.

She says all students should be moved into the building by January 2015.

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