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Bibb School Board responds to Jones letter | News

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Bibb School Board responds to Jones letter

On Tuesday Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Mallory Jones presented a letter that he sent to U.S. Attorney Michael Moore, asking for an investigation into former Bibb County Superintendent Romain Dallemand's spending. A February audit showed Dallemand committed the school system to more than $51 million in unapproved contracts.

Jones wrote, "I respectfully request that you provide an invaluable service to our citizens by issuing multiple subpoenas to all key people including suppliers involved in contacts of $500,000 or more and authorize a federal grand jury to begin the investigation of what appears to be serious criminal activity."

On Wednesday 13WMAZ reached out to school board members for reaction. Board member Lester Miller was out of town, but by text message, he questioned Jones' motivation.

Miller said, "Commissioner Jones certainly has the right to voice his opinion about an investigation. However a simple letter to Michael Moore without media notification would indicate to me a real concern for the situation. You have to question the motives of those who seek publicity."

Jones said he's trying to publicize the issue and not politicize it because the community needs answers.
He wants to encourage Moore to take action.

Jones' statement continues "... issue all these multiple subpoenas to past and present board members of the board of education. There are people there that know some things that can help. I'm not insinuating anybody is guilty of anything. But they're the board of education, they need to be held accountable."

Jones said the board hasn't done enough to get answers.

"Well they maybe doing something, but the bottom line is we haven't been vindicated. We haven't gotten to the bottom of it. And we don't know that there's a full blown investigation going on," he said.

The office of Attorney General Sam Olens declined to comment.


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