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Macon NAACP wants answers in shooting | News

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Macon NAACP wants answers in shooting

The head of Macon-Bibb's NAACP, Gwenette Westbrooks, is demanding answers and wants a grand jury to hear the case of what happened March 20th on Brentwood Avenue.

That's when police say Deputy Clayton Sutton shot an aggressive dog and two men claim they were grazed by his bullets, though the GBI says they're still investigating whether anyone was actually struck.

"I don't know how many other people are going to have to die before something is done," Westbrooks said.

Solomon Mays says he believes he was hit in the knee when Sutton fired his gun.

"At least three times, but I'm so upset and scared. He could've shot more than that," Mays said.

Westbrooks says she sees a pattern of excessive force and that Sutton needs to face the consequences.

"Regardless of whether it was an accident or what, Clayton Sutton is a loose cannon and he needs to be removed off the force," Westbrooks said.

In 2012, Sutton fatally shot Sammie Davis Jr. outside a Macon supermarket but was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Since then, Sheriff David Davis says Sutton was confined mostly to desk work researching pawn shops sales.

"If he was on desk duty, he shouldn't have been, to me, responding to a 911 call. There were other officers that could've intervened," Westbrooks said.

Davis says Sutton returned to work Monday after a week of paid administrative leave but has been stripped of any law enforcement duties.

"Filing papers, typing up documents, putting up targets on the target range, any of those just purely administrative functions," Sheriff Davis said.

He says he can't fire Sutton or suspend him unless an investigation proves he broke the law or violated policies.

"I understand their concerns and in a large part, I share their concerns. When I get the results back from the GBI, I'll move forward with what I can do under the law."

Westbrooks isn't convinced that will be enough.

"The bullet holes [found on the house] are the height of a person," Westbrooks said. "If they don't get him off the streets, he's going to eventually kill somebody else."

JT Ricketson, the special agent in charge of GBI Perry, says they're processing forensic evidence and re-constructing the crime scene.

Ricketson says the results will take several weeks.

Then he says the GBI will meet with DA David Cooke and Sheriff Davis to determine whether there was any wrongdoing by Sutton.


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