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Mobile dairy classroom comes to Macon | News

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Mobile dairy classroom comes to Macon

How does milk make it from the farm to your refrigerator? That's one thing students at L.H. Williams Elementary learned Wednesday thanks to a mobile dairy classroom.

With the help of coordinator Nicole Karstedt, Molly the 1500-pound cow, taught kids all about milk and cows. "We visit schools with a mobile milking unit setup just like a milking parlor, and we use it to educate children where their milk comes from," said Karstedt.

Karstedt visits 120 schools a year across Georgia. She says cows can't produce milk until they give birth.
And before Molly gets milked, her udder has to be sanitized.

"I show them how we milk her by hand, just so they can see how it was done back in the olden days. And then with the machines, it's a lot faster," said Karstedt.

Students got to experiment with the milking machine. "It felt like it was sucking my hand," said Zoey Daniels.

Like many of her schoolmates, it was Daniels' first time seeing a cow in person. "Well, I learned that the cows produces milk every day and it'll get frustrated if it's hungry, if it needs water," she said.

Christian Middleton says milk is important for health. "It makes our teeth healthy," he said.

Daily, Molly eats 100 pounds of grain, and produces eight gallons of milk.

Next week, the mobile unit will be at Vineville Academy.


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