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College Hill Alliance celebrates and looks ahead | News

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College Hill Alliance celebrates and looks ahead


It's a plan seven years in the making: ways to revitalize and connect the College Hill Corridor to the community around Mercer.

Wednesday night, members of the College Hill Alliance met to mark their accomplishments, and look towards the future plans for the mixed use neighborhood.

"Celebrating our successes that have been in place, in action since 2008, and we're looking towards the future where we go from here," explains Jessica Walden, Director of Communications for the College Hill Alliance.

They celebrated with live bands, plenty food and company.

Walden says, "This plan doesn't belong to any one organization, it really belongs to the community and that's just a great thing to be proud of."

Over the years they've accomplished 95 percent of the plan. Earlier this year they opened the floor for new ideas.

"We've had a meeting. We've had what we call an ideas map and it was online, and we had a paper map that traveled around the community. People could put a sticker on the map and send us a postcard about what their idea was for a very specific point in town," explains Mindy Watts, Principal of Interface Studio.

The alliance received over two hundred ideas from members of the community, prompting them to add two new themes focused on business and health in the corridor.

"Being able to work in the corridor and stay in Macon after college, or being in Macon now and wanting to start a business" are some options community members will have according to Watts.

The new health theme includes: promoting exercise, nutrition and access to healthy, affordable food. Ideas like free fitness classes in Tattnall Square Park, and a grocery store in the corridor were tossed around.

"All the input that was received, the feed back, the ideas are what we're seeing tonight," says Walden.

The plan has come a long way, and leaders want to expand it even more.

The new, revised master plan wasn't revealed at Wednesday night's gathering, because they're still working on it. They hope to publish it by the fall.


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