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Galadrielle Allman returns to Macon for new book | News

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Galadrielle Allman returns to Macon for new book


Galadrielle Allman was only 2 years old in 1971 when her famous father, Duane Allman, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Macon.

That left Galadrielle growing up with her mother, knowing little about the rock legend loved by fans around the world.

"You almost don't feel entitled to seize that history for yourself because it doesn't feel clear to you where you fit into the picture," Allman says. "It's almost like you don't have half of yourself."

Allman was born in Macon, and spent her earliest years living in the Big House on Vineville Avenue, just as the Allman Brothers' popularity was growing.

Just before Duane Allman's death, her parents had split up and she moved away with her mother, Donna Allman. Galadrielle went to college and had her own business career outside the music world, and now lives in California.

But as she grew older, questioned remained in her mind about her father. So, she spent 5 years researching and writing her book, "Please Be With Me, A Song for My Father."

She says the book looks past what most know about Duane Allman to get a look at the man behind the music. "Really what my story brings is the sense of the arc of his life and how he developed as a person," Allman says.

Allman returned to Macon Sunday to sign copies of her book. She says Macon is featured prominently in the story, because it created a sense of community for her family and was a place that helped launch the Allman Brothers into history.

"Please Be With Me" is on sale now in stores nationwide.

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