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Complex has four weeks to fix problems | News

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Complex has four weeks to fix problems

Beverly Davis says she moved into the Macon Gardens apartment complex nearly three years ago, and the problems there are still hard to wrap her mind around.

They include electrical issues, bugs, and plumbing problems.

"With it being underneath HUD it would seem that something different would be taking place because it is the government, I can't see how they allow us to live in situations like this," she said.

Oscar Deshazier, who lives beneath Davis, says his smoke alarm has been broken for more than a year.
He says maintenance workers removed his old one, but have yet to install a new one.

Similar issues were found in Thomas Jackson's apartment.

He says after our story aired some problems were fixed, including flooding, but his main concern, a bathtub he says hasn't worked in a decade is still in disrepair even after workers brought supplies to fix it..

"They said they were going to come back and fix it, but they never did," Jackson said.

And before tenants can even get to their units they have to deal with issues outside.
I called property management to ask about a timeline on the repairs, but never got a call back.

All of the tenants I spoke to say they share one major concern, a drain in the front of the complex. It was dry when I visited, but tenants say when the rain starts to come down, sewage pours out and affects much of the complex.

"Feces and tissue...and in the summertime when it's get hot and the warmth starts to kick in, oh my God it smells so bad and it's unreal," Davis said.

Now they're just hoping someone's going to fix it because they say they're all out of options.

"It's ongoing, ongoing and there's no one for us to call," Davis said. "We don't know where to go."


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