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Seniors discuss keeping Macon-Bibb "age-friendly" | News

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Seniors discuss keeping Macon-Bibb "age-friendly"

Things are good, but could be better. That's how seniors described life in Macon Wednesday during a round-table discussion.

This comes a year after the AARP and the World Health Organization named Macon-Bibb an age-friendly city.

Beverly Lipkins' days at the Blair House are quiet and trouble free, but she wishes there were more activities throughout the city.

"I would think that there would be more than there are in our neighborhoods, but I think it's getting better," Lipkins said.

She was one of about 10 seniors who participated in a focus group on how Macon treats its seniors.

It's one thing Katherine Buchman and members of the Macon-Bibb Age Friendly Coalition are hoping to change by focusing on all aspects of senior living.

"We talk about the various domains that we think about when we think about health when we think about well being when we think about being safe and comfortable in our communities," Buchman said.

And Lipkins says discussions like this one should be a lesson of support to other seniors.

"No matter where you are and what circumstance you're in, there's always help for you if you have the initiative to seek it out," she said.

The Macon-Bibb Friendly Age Coalition still has two more sessions to go before releasing their findings.


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