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Middle Georgia State College Holds Gaming Workshop | News

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Middle Georgia State College Holds Gaming Workshop

Diego Lizarazo is a Developer Technical Evangelist for Microsoft. He stopped by Middle Georgia State College to lead a gaming workshop.

"One of the examples that I was showing them was made by a high school student in just a little over two weeks in his free time," he said.

Will Haggerty, a freshman at Houston County High School, has wanted to do game design since he was in seventh grade.

He says programming is a field that people at any age can appreciate.

"If you're 40, or if you're my age, 15, you're gonna understand it," Haggerty said.

"If you like games, it's a great way to understand how to create games, and it's an industry that's growing, but also because it's a really cool way to start learning how to program," Lizarazo said.

He says programming is important to learn because different types of jobs are becoming more dependent on technology.

The most entertaining way to learn, he says, is through video game programming.

"If you think about it, maybe you have to learn a lot of complex things, it's easier to learn if you have something that is fun."

Kent White, a non-traditional student at Middle Georgia State, says the workshop made programming easier to understand.

"It's really not that difficult. A lot of the games you start to see similarities between the various games like, 'Oh, well, Angry Birds is just another version of Pac-Man, just a little bit different," White said.

Kenton Jackson, a sixteen year-old high school student, does game programming as a hobby.

"I learned way more than I could have looking on the Internet. It made it a lot less complicated," he says.

"Someone who is really old and thinks they can't learn anything new, I'm almost certain that you can. Or someone in high school or even before that."

Plenty of people who came seem to think so, too.

More than 100 people took part in Thursday's session.

This is Middle Georgia State College's second tech workshop and they hope to hold more.


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