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College Hill neighbors welcome lofts | News

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College Hill neighbors welcome lofts

Neighbors who live near the College Hill construction site on Hardeman Avenue say things may get noisy at times, but they still welcome the idea of student lofts just next door.

Albert Berrian has lived on Hardeman for about three years, and says Macon can be a nice place, but right now there are some problems.

"There are a lot of houses and homes and different buildings that need to be torn down, replaced, or rebuilt," Berrian said.

He says blight's a problem throughout Macon.

It's why he says he's looking forward to his new neighbor, the Lofts at College Hill, which is moving in just across the street next to the old post office.

It may not look like much now -- just bricks and rubble -- but one day, the College Hill Alliance says the space will be home to a three-story loft complete with a rooftop deck.

The biggest question is now is the question of what.

That decision's still up in the air.

But after living in the space that used to include a grocery store and dry cleaner, he says he's looking forward to a change.

"Maybe a couple of restaurants, maybe a bookstore where people can go in," Berrian said.

They're the things he would like to see when he steps outside.

"I think with the college students and them putting a building like that over here, it will help revitalize the community and build it up to what it used to be before," he said.

For now, he and his neighbors will just have to wait and see what businesses move in.


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