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Study: Georgia ranks low for working moms | News

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Study: Georgia ranks low for working moms

According to a study by WalletHub,
Georgia is ranked as the 11th worst state for working moms. Meanwhile the study does rank Georgia the sixth best for quality and cost of Child Care.

Holly Martens, a full-time nursing assistant and mother, says she's more than pleased with her daughter's daycare.

She said, "They open up early and I have till 6:30 to pick her up so if I get stuck here with patients I just call them and say I'm going to be late. When my daughter has swim practice or a doctor's appointment they get her ready for me. They have all of her stuff ready."

A recent study by WalletHub ranks the state of Georgia as number six in child care quality and cost.

Brittany Hester of Northside Prep says her daycare goes the extra mile for parents.

"We give them sheets that is kind of like theirs to go home. This is what your child did today. This is what they ate. This is their diaper changes."

While Georgia is doing well in this department, it ranks poorly overall. According to the survey, Georgia is ranked as the 11th worst state for working moms.

Women fill only 35 percent of executive level positions and the gender pay gap in the state is 76.4 percent. That put the state third-worst for professional opportunities.

The study also analyzed a woman's work and life balance. Georgia ranked 2nd worst in the nation in this section.

"I'm not really surprised when it comes to that. I see a lot of jobs that are available even before I worked here and I was looking for a job. They were related more towards men" says Holly.

Although she is not shocked at Georgia's poor rankings, she believes her company is an exception.

"They're flexible here also. They know I have a child so they work with me."

Understanding when a child is ill or needs to go to a doctor may seem like like small accommodation, but it makes a huge difference for a parent in the workforce.


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