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Bibb businesses take steps to stop robberies | News

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Bibb businesses take steps to stop robberies

Some business owners in Bibb County are taking steps to prevent armed robberies from putting their employees and customers in danger.

There have been nearly 100 armed robberies in Bibb County so far in 2014.

There were 291 total robberies, armed and unarmed, in 2013.

Business owners said they're trying to avoid adding to those statistic by investing in security cameras and bulletproof glass.

Some even think all Bibb County businesses should be required to have them for armed robberies and loss prevention.

"Every business should have surveillance cameras. I think it would help," auto shop owner Travis Taylor said.

Taylor's Pio Nono business has had 10 break-ins in about 20 years.
His neighbors, two gas stations, have also been hit multiple times since he's been there, including an armed robbery two weeks ago.

So he bought a thousand dollar security system he installed himself.

He also paid to remove shrubbery near his business where would-be robbers could hide.

Bibb County Commissioner Joe Allen proposed an ordinance in 2009 that would mandate security systems. He says his argument then is still relevant today.

"Does it cost money, Yes. But how much is a life worth? And look at all the robberies we've had so far and a lot of them are still unsolved robberies," Allen said.

Lieutenant Randy Gonzalez says the Bibb County Police Department's Outreach unit does have monthly business watch meetings with business owners to help keep them safe, including checking to make sure their security cameras work.

The next meeting is May 13th.


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