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Police investigating shots in Payne City | News

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Police investigating shots in Payne City


Four young men fired shots at each other in the 100 block of Gardner Street in Payne City at around 5:30 pm Tuesday.

One man heard the shots right from his living room.

"Shots sounded like it was coming from two different guns. Maybe five or six here, five or six there. And then all of a sudden, it just quit and that was it. I fell on the floor. So if you got me, I wouldn't be an up-target. I'd be on the floor " says Frank Stapleton.

The shots were fired about 100 yards from Freedom Park and the Little League ball fields there. The main concern for the neighborhood is the safety of the children.

But Robert Welton, Bibb County's community director at Freedom Park, says the kids around there are used to this.

"To be honest, the kids that are in this neighborhood it probably wouldn't bother them a lot," says Welton.

In December 2013, one teen was shot in the shoulder right near the Freedom Park gym.

The sheriff's department says they arrested 2 suspects Tuesday. 21 year old Travon Quantez Ridley and a 16-year-old juvenile were both found in possession of guns.

Bibb County assures they will increase patrols around the area, and Welton agrees that's necessary.

"It's fixing to start getting hot. Tempers start flaring. People's emotions start getting the best of them," says Welton.


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