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Cannonball House birthday celebration | News

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Cannonball House birthday celebration

It's the 50th anniversary of Macon's Cannonball House becoming a museum in 1964. The home was struck by a cannonball during the civil war. The museum hosted free tours and did re-enactments.

Executive Director Earl Colvin was woodworking, making a spoon and bowl. Brenda Dobson spun wool and made dye out of berries and vegetables. She said it's good for people to see how things used to be done.

"I'm turning the wool into thread. And then I'm putting it into the dye pots. And I've got three different colors going today. I have mulberry, and tumeric, and onion and yaro," said Dobson.

It was the first time the Norvell family visited the historic home. Mom Joanna said she enjoyed learning about the history.

"The Wesleyan College history, and just seeing all these people who have the skills that are carrying on from the 1800s and just knowing that a little piece of history in Macon is still here. It's just been really neat," said Norvell.

The Cannonball House was built in 1853.


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