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Students reunited to open 20 year old time capsule | News

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Students reunited to open 20 year old time capsule


20 years ago, students in the gifted program at Heard Elementary School in Macon buried a time capsule with some of their memories - toys, magazines from 1994, and letters from loved ones and letters addressed to themselves.

Back in 1994 they set a date- May 11, 2014. They made cards to put on the fridge or a desk to remind them when the capsule would be opened.

As the years went on and the time drew closer, the alumni began reaching out to their old teacher, Michelle Gowan on Facebook reminding her about the big day.

A few dozen students came back to Macon from all of the country, and some participated through satellite to see the time capsule opened.

They didn't know May 11, 2014 would be Mother's Day at the time, but that made the day more special, as some of the letters were from loved ones.

In one case, a student who came all the way from Chicago for the event found a cassette tape with a recording from his grandfather, who later died from Alzheimer's disease.

"I'm looking forward to actually hearing his voice," says Reginald Eldridge.

For their teacher, Michelle Gowan, it was a chance to get to see her work in action by having a whole class together 20 years later.

"It is a rare privilege for a teacher," Gowan says.

The organizers say it was difficult tracking down all the former students through social media, but some in their class grew up to become event planners which made it easier.


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