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Macon Crime Files; Coliseum worker fired for abusing mental ward patients | News

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Macon Crime Files; Coliseum worker fired for abusing mental ward patients

Monday files

Date: May 9

Incident type: Simple battery

Location: Coliseum Health, 340 Hospital Drive

The sheriff's office was called to the Mental Health Department of Coliseum Health by a hospital employee. The employee wanted to make the sheriff's office aware that a worker in the ward was fired for abusing patients in the mental health unit. Another hospital employee witnessed the fired worker slapping a patient in the head. The ages of the abused patients range from 61 to 64.

Date: May 9

Incident type: Deposit account fraud

Location: State Bank, 4885 Riverside Drive

The bank's security director called the sheriff's office concerned about a customer, an 84 year-old man with dementia. The customer came into the bank with two younger women who claimed to be his care givers. The elderly man had a check that was made out to him for $10,000 that was in his account. When the cashier questioned the elderly man about the check, he stated that it was OK to cash it if it was for $10. The cashier made him aware that the check was for $10,000 and the elderly man became confused. One of the woman got really defensive and told the cashier she "needs to just cash the check." The cashier contacted security and he advised her to not cash the check.

Date: May 10

Incident type: Aggravated assault, armed robbery, criminal trespassing

Location: Walmart, 6020 Harrison Road

A Walmart employee's neck was cut by a knife-wielding man who was stealing. Deputies responded to the store and were told that the suspect and a woman were observed stealing several items. When he tried to confront them as they attempted to leave without paying, the man pulled out a knife and cut him across the right side of his neck. A witness observed the couple getting into a yellow cab and fleeing the store. Officers observed surveillance footage and was able to bring the man back to the store where he was identified. Detectives ran his name and turned up several outstanding warrants and they found that he was banned from "all" Walmarts. The female suspect was also arrested.

The following items are from incidents reports filed by Macon-Bibb County Sheriff's deputies.


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