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Republican senate candidates visit Macon | News

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Republican senate candidates visit Macon

It was a battle on the tarmac when two Republican candidates vying for a U.S. Senate seat stopped by Macon's airport to get undecided voters in their corner.

David Perdue is running on his background as a former C.E.O., and Washington outsider.

"Around the state people are asking what can we do to change the gridlock in Washington. My answer is send somebody who's never been there before," she said.

While former Secretary of State Karen Handel says it all boils down to "who will be an unwavering conservative for the people of Georgia and number two who's the strongest candidate to beat Michelle Nunn. And in both cases that's me."

Both have both promised to generate money for the state without raising taxes, but Handel says her opponent's previous comments about raising revenue are really code for doing just that.

"He laughed when I would have said I'm not interested in raising taxes. What we need to do is cut spending. With the problems in Washington, it's not about having more money it's about cutting the spending in Washington," Handel said.

But that's something Perdue is calling a low blow.

"Of all the accusations made at me over the last few months, that one's the most outrageous, particularly coming from Ms. Handel who made exactly the same comment, used exactly the same word," he said.

Pollls say the seven-person race is probably headed to a runoff. The winner is expected to face Michelle Nunn after Tuesday's Democratic primary race.


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