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Shelter cuts fees to adopt black dogs | News

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Shelter cuts fees to adopt black dogs

Some dogs at the Macon-Bibb animal shelter aren't being adopted because they don't come in the right shade.

But for Tracie Souther, who already owns 3 dogs, color isn't an issue.

"You can tell they appreciate it, and are appreciative of finding a home, their forever home," Souther said Friday.

She decided to take her son to the Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare to look for a new member of their family, and they may have just found him: A black, fully-grown pitbull mix.

"He loved the attention and we loved giving him the attention," she said.

"He's sweet and he's good with other dogs," her son, Josh Boyd said, "I need one big enough for my dog to push around, one to push back."

But according to Kristal Mahoganey, an attendant at the shelter, many people wouldn't have chosen the dog they did.

"We actually have a problem with our black animals getting adopted because a lot of people take interest in more of the color dogs than the black," Mahoganey said.

The shelter has 14 black dogs that have yet to be adopted.

So the shelter started "Black-out Fridays."

Every Friday, the shelter will reduce the prices of all of their black, or mostly black dogs.

"Just trying to find another way to get them out and get them a good home."

The adoption fee has been reduced from $130 to $75.

It's $50 for a spay and neuter fee.

It's $25 to adopt.

After purchasing the animal, the owner can have the 50 dollar fee refunded as long as they can prove their animal had the surgery.

"Black dogs, brown dogs, who cares what color? If it's a great dog and there's that love match between you, who cares?" Souther said.

Blackout Fridays will take place every Friday between 11:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare shelter.


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