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App tracks stolen iPad | News

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App tracks stolen iPad


19-year-old Omar Haslam and 18-year-old Timothy Clemmons have been arrested in connection with a theft ring in Byron and Warner Robins uncovered after an app tracking a stolen iPad led police to the suspect's home.

Harold Speir, owner of Speir and Associates Electric Contracting company in Macon says one of his employees had a company iPad stolen out his truck that he left unlocked overnight in Byron.

After realizing it was stolen Wednesday morning, Speir logged in to the "Find My iPhone" app and tracked the iPad to a house on Waverly Lane in Byron.

After recovering the iPad, investigators also found other stolen items like laptops, iPods, and other electronics.

Several on Waverly Lane told 13WMAZ their cars were also broken into in the last few weeks.

They're still investigating and more charges could be pending. Haslam is charged with 3 counts of entering autos, and Clemmons is charged with 2 counts of entering autos.

Haslam is already on probation in Houston County from a previous entering autos case.

Speir says this is the third time an iPad has been stolen from his company. All three times, the app was able to the recover the stolen iPads, which he says cost $800 a piece because of the company software they have on them.

Haslam and Clemmons remain in custody in the Peach County jail awaiting bond.

The "Find my iPhone" app is free and works on iPhones and iPads. It must already be installed before a crime happens in order to work.

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