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New management evicts apt. tenants | News

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New management evicts apt. tenants

Christopher Chavis says he and his fiance moved into the Glenwood Terrace Apartments two months ago and says that may have been a mistake.

ID=9931121"We were told that if it does get officially bought out, that it would not affect the terms of our leasing agreement, so by doing that we decided to purchase an apartment," he says.

Chavis also says they moved into the apartment complex during a switch in management.

"They specifically told us that even if it gets bought out, that it would not affect your lease whatsoever, you'll still have the same rent," he claims the leasing office told him, "After you pay your lease off, then a new lease could be written."

Quickly, Chavis and other tenants found out otherwise in a letter posted on their doors.

It says the management is renovating the apartments, so everyone has to move out within 60 days.

The letter is dated May 29th, and signed by the complex under its new name: Cobble Hill Apartments.

"What I don't understand is that they moved us all in here. And some of them within a week or two. And you're just gonna throw us all out after you just moved us in?" said Omalee Whitaker.

She moved into the apartments with her fiance and two year old son in January and says she found out about the eviction through a neighbor.

Bibb County's Chief Magistrate Willam Randall says what the apartment is doing is illegal.

"In my 15 years on bench, I've never encountered anything exactly like this," he said about the case.

Randall says the only way to evict someone under Georgia law is through cause, such as non payment of rent, destroying property, or breaching the terms of the lease.

He also says if they want to evict any tenants, the apartments would have to go through a legal process, which includes filing a complaint and possibly going to trial.

Judge Randall said if a landlord or owner tries to evict a tenant properly, and files a complaint, the tenant would have 7 days to respond.

He also said there is no complaint on file from the complex.

"Apartment complexes change hands all the time, but those people who are in those apartment complexes usually have leases, and those leases have to be honored," said Randall.

He pointed out that many other apartments in Macon have had renovations that didn't result in tenants being evicted.


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