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Lizella man wants county to fix ditches | News

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Lizella man wants county to fix ditches

To get to what was once the Webbs' hay field you have to travel across mud, high grass and trash they say flows on to their Lizella property covering areas where ditches should be and that only gets worse when it rains.

"All of this water is being diverted from U.S. 80 onto Breeze street," Webb said.

The ditches are on county property, but they're affecting Webbs' land. Many are overgrown.

Webb says he's been dealing with the problem for about six years.

They want the Macon-Bibb Engineering Department to fix it, or they'll take them to court.

"We want a reason why they're doing it, and so far it's been almost a month and a half, two months almost since we sent them the first thing with the new government. So far, we don't have anything done yet," Webb said.

In a letter to Mayor Robert Reichert, Webb wrote,
"I made calls to the engineer's office for them to maintain the ditches in order to route the drainage water to the other side of the road."

Webb says he's heard a number of reasons why the repairs can't be made.

"They have come to us and they've said that they want us to dig a holding pond and that they're weren't going to dig the ditches because of mosquitoes."

Macon-Bibb County Engineer David Fortson responded by letter on May 30th. He said the land surrounding the ditches needed "significant alterations." He also said repairs to the ditches would just move the water flow to another neighbor's property.

"For all these reasons, I regret that we will be unable to alter the flow of the water from its current condition," Fortson said.

Webb said,"All I know is at the end, we still have the same problems, water and all."


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