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Molting season grounds Canada geese | News

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Molting season grounds Canada geese

If you've heard their honking or seen some geese in your yard lately, you're not alone.

Late June and early July mark molting season for Canada geese. During that time, geese are flightless as their new flight feathers grow in.

During that time, homeowners can often get annoyed by the excessive feathers and goose feces left behind.

Students at Middle Georgia State College in Macon say they've seen even more geese on campus than usual.

"They're everywhere - on the steps of the buildings, they'll walk up to you. You have to watch out for the poop and everything," says senior Kadia Kane.

The Georgia Wildlife Resources Division says their main advice to homeowners is to simply be patient until the geese regrow their feathers and fly off within a few weeks.

But, if the geese continue to cause problems, they recommend using chemical repellents, mylar balloons, wire or string barriers as ways to try and get the geese to go away.

State and federal law prohibit hunting and killing these geese, except during hunting season which begins in September. Homeowners can also obtain a permit from their local Wildlife Resources Division officer to allow them to capture and relocate the geese.


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