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Potential budget cuts to Paratransit | News

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Potential budget cuts to Paratransit

A potential cut is on the table for Macon-Bibb county's transit system. This includes its Paratransit program. Paratransit provides transportation to both the elderly and disabled.

Routes run Monday through Saturday, but if the budget cut passes, Saturday would no longer be an option. The hours of operation would change as well. Routes would only run until 8pm throughout the week.

Wade Horton is a frequent Paratransit rider. Horton was diagnosed with a rare eye disease in 2001, and in 2005, he was pronounced legally blind. He says he is not totally dependent on the service, thanks to his family, but he's passionate because he knows many others are.

He says, "It allows me to do recreation, do business, and make doctor's appointments, all independently."

His family does provide some of his rides, but he says Paratransit is his first option on weekdays. He adds, "Well, I am dependent on it for my independence."

Horton says there are some people that depend on this service and have no other option saying, "You have a lot of people that ride this system and depend on it for whatever reason, and cuts to it would be devastating."

Horton's wife of 16 years, Felecia agrees.

Horton says this would affect thousands of people, including him. He adds, "It would really cripple the quality of life for so many."

Felecia says it's as easy as a song saying, "That song, 'Wake up everybody,' that's pretty much what needs to be announced."

Paratransit served 33,000 people just last year. The committee as a whole will review the budget tomorrow afternoon at 4pm, with a final vote expected June 30th.


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