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Historic Macon building renovated | News

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Historic Macon building renovated

In less than two weeks, several Mercer University students are moving into Historic Macon's latest renovation.

Historic Macon's

preservation designer, Carrie Robinson says, "Because the building had been sitting for so long, some things like the original plaster walls were no longer salvageable so we had to update those, bring them into modern standards and make it livable again."

They were able to hold on to a few original pieces. The fireplaces, windows, trim, and floor are all the same from the homes debut in 1920. Mercer and Historic Macon were able to save the century old building thanks to their own efforts as well as generous donors. The unit has been abandoned for many years, and Robinson told us she wasn't the only one to notice.

She says, "I know many people who have lived here for years and they have said that they've always noticed this property, and it's just been sitting here neglected, and so we are excited to show it off."

D. Merricks works right next to the building as the campus pastor at the Wesley Foundation. He has worked there while the building was abandoned.

He says, "Before this house was fixed up itself, I think there was a good deal of issues with squatters and people trying to come in and find a place just to be for the night. "

While he has heard of other instances, Merricks says he's personally never experienced anything when the house was abandoned. He adds, "We are excited they are going to save another historical structure because we are a historical building as well, we're over 100 years old."


The building will have four units, each with two bedrooms and two baths.

Robinson said the occupants will be Mercer students. She says, "There will be Mercer students living here walking over to campus and enjoying living in the corridor."

Merricks adds they are excited to have new neighbors, he says he's ready to see "the street come alive in a new way."

Historic Macon is currently working on more renovations in the area. Robinson says they are even working on projects in downtown Macon.

Historic Macon would like everyone to come out to see the renovation during the open house. It will be Friday June 27th from 5:30pm until 7:30pm.


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