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Sheriff Davis has asked the GBI to come in and investigate the deputy involved shooting. | News

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Sheriff Davis has asked the GBI to come in and investigate the deputy involved shooting.

Sheriff David Davis asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for to look into the shooting from Thursday.

According to Davis, Deputy Patrick Robinson shot and wounded Kenyae Brown after Brown resisted arrest.

Davis brought in the GBI to collect evidence that shows if the shooting is justifiable or not.

The moments leading up to the shooting will also be investigated.

After deputies received the call about people loitering outside Fort Hawkins Liquor store, they arrived and ask the individuals standing outside for identification. They then began running warrant checks on each.

Sheriff Davis says " Typically the deputies will run some warrant checks on people that are coming through. That's just standard procedure."

He says that's standard procedure for when they get complaints about people loitering outside the liquor store. The deputies were permitted to ask for their identification because deputies saw people outside loitering.

Davis says he believes the GBI is unbiased, hence why he's contacted them to investigate the shooting.

JT Ricketson at the GBI says "We're an independent law enforcement agency that comes in. Basically you can say we don't have a dog in the fight and so we are an objective observer coming in to look at the incident in its totality."

By using evidence and eyewitness accounts, J.T Ricketson says the GBI will work to analyze the case and why it got violent.

"Why did they end up putting their hands on this individual why did they tase the individual why did they shoot him?" says Ricketson.

After they've concluded their investgigation, the District Attorney will determine if the shooting was justifiable or not.


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