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3-year-old found wondering near Mercer University Drive | News

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3-year-old found wondering near Mercer University Drive

Nicole Deloach and Rhonda Carby say it was a happy ending to a scary situation when another physician discovered a 3-year-old boy in their parking lot just a few yards from Mercer University Drive.

"Didn't seem afraid. Just came to me, grabbed my hand and we walked right inside," Deloach said.

The women say the boy was wearing a soaked diaper and little else when they found him unharmed next to Deloach's car.

"No pants on, just a shirt, diaper, house slippers and a blanket," Carby said.

Police say the toddler apparently unlocked the door to his Pinewood Parks Apartment and wandered outside. But Deloach and Carby soon learned this had happened before.

"They knew his name. They knew the mom's name and they just took him and left," Carby said.

"This has been the third incident that this has happened in terms as far as the child I guess getting out and the mother not aware of it," Lt. Randy Gonzalez with the Bibb County Sheriff said.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office and the Division of Family and Children Services are investigating.

Gonzalez says this kind of thing happens too often and urges parents to keep a close watch on their children especially near busy highways.

"It doesn't take but a second for them to get out of your sight or to get away from you. You know just watch them carefully," he said, adding the situation could have ended much differently.


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