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Community forum targets violence in Macon | News

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Community forum targets violence in Macon

Curfew, working together with the faith community, better parenting and education are just some of the ways people suggested could help curb violence in Macon.

A panel of more than 10 people from the music scene, churches, and government officials put their heads together at the Youth and Gun Violence Outreach Forum at the Macon-Bibb Government Center.

U.S. Attorney Michael Moore said the first step in helping the problem is to admit there is one.

"So that we know how to address it. And so I'm here to say both that the federal government will come in and we'll address it by prosecuting people, we'll take the worst of the worst off the streets and put them in prison for a long time. But at the same time, we're willing to use our resources and our staff to look for other ways to both educate young people, to get them to our schools, to talk about re-entry," said Moore.

State Representative Nikki Randall said it's time to take Macon back.

" I think it's just a matter of us pulling together. You know, it takes a community to save a community," said Randall.

As a mediator, Brenda Sutton said she's a supporter of peace. One solution she offered is for people to go to the jails and talk to people who have lived a life of violence and find out how to stop it.

"I want data pulled together that identifies a specific problem. I also think it's very, very important, that we talk to the people who are having the problem. I may not have the same experience as some of our people who are dealing with gun violence each and everyday, and so I think it's important that we go and talk to the kids that are at YDC, go into the prisons and talk to them, go into the different areas of the community that's plagued with violence and talk with them because they would be better able to give up information that's going to prevent the violence," said Sutton.

Moore said this forum is just the beginning and that there's no magic formula.


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