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Fireworks safety a priority | News

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Fireworks safety a priority
Fireworks safety a priority

As you gear up for events surrounding the Fourth of July, you should remember, safety first.

The Macon-Bibb Fire Department held a firework safety demonstration this morning.

They showed how to light legal fireworks properly. The Department of Fire Safety says you should only light them outside. Make sure you keep a water hose or bucket of water nearby, and keep all kids and pets away.

"You want to be on a level surface preferably concrete not grass you don't want any brush" says Fire Safety Officer Ellen Kicklighter.

One safety element people forget is protective eye-wear.

"Any type of eye protection. You can even use swimmer goggles" says Kiclighter.

Sunglasses with a lighter tint can also be a substitute.

Parents should be extra cautious with small children around also. Firework saleswoman Carla Phillips agrees. She says "watch them with the sparklers and stuff. Kids can always get burned. They're just not as careful as adults".

Phillips makes sure she tells customers the importance of keeping safe, especially with the amount of injuries reported.

"Nationally, we just had a report that came out today, We had 8 fatalities and eleven-thousand injuries from fireworks" says state Fire Marshall Dwayne Garriss.

Make sure to only purchase fireworks and sparklers that are legally permitted.


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