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100th blighted home to be torn down | News

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100th blighted home to be torn down

What neighbors call an eyesore on Houston Road will be torn down by Macon-Bibb County on Monday.

"It's a hazard," Elliott Flewellen, who runs a grocery store next door, said. "We don't let the kids play near there."

It's all part of Mayor Robert Reichert's promise to tear down 100 dilapidated homes by the end of this fiscal year, a vow he'll be able to keep, says county spokesman, Chris Floore.

That goal began when the mayor first took office in 2007.

"This is the first year we'll be able to reach that goal," Floore said.

The count started last July with the demolition of a home on Sapp Avenue.

Now, greens wildly overtake the property.

"It would still remain that private property but the way we see it is that a lot of grass is a lot safer than a house falling in on itself," Floore said.

For Flewellen, Monday will mark the end of an unkempt neighbor.

"I'll be very over-delighted to see it gone," he said. "It could generate some opportunities for another business, perhaps a laundromat or something else. It'll definitely be a positive."

The house is in Commissioner Virgil Watkins' district.

"On my daily travels into downtown, I've been seeing this house along with a host of others on this street in desperate needs of repairs or addressing from our public works division," he said. "The porch is completely caved in. It's exciting to actually see that we're finally addressing this issue."

Watkins says there are up to 4,000 other homes in the county that also need to be torn down.

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