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Restaurant employees react to new gun law | News

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Restaurant employees react to new gun law

Tuesday a new Georgia gun law takes effect, but you may not be clear on the details. The law affects where licensed gun owners can and cannot carry their weapons.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet polled some restaurant employees in Macon to get their take on the new law.

Some parts of the law have been a little controversial, but the bottom line is starting July first you can take a gun into a government building, unless of course it has guards or metal detectors like a courthouse.

You can bring a weapon into an airport terminal outside security.

You can also bring weapons onto private property like bars, restaurants or other businesses.

13WMAZ spoke with several restaurant employees in downtown Macon who didn't want to go on camera, because they were afraid their opinions would affect business. But one bartender at the Hummingbird says her employer doesn't want customers to bring in a gun to their bar. "We just don't feel like guns and alcohol mix and we don't want it inside of the bar this is nothing new for us we just don't feel like they have a place here." says Amanda Irons.

Businesses can choose to opt-out of the new law by posting signs saying that guns aren't allowed, like the Hummingbird in Macon did. Or restaurant owners could simply ask you to leave.

If a customer refuses to leave you could be charged with criminal trespass, which is a misdemeanor.

Now churches are in a different situation. You're not allowed to bring weapons in unless they "opt in" by agreeing to allow them.

The new law also removes a restriction that prevented people convicted of certain misdemeanors from getting a gun permit.
And it says law enforcement can't stop a person and detain them simply to find out if they have a weapons carry license.


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