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Kumho Tire will bring 450 jobs to Macon | News

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Kumho Tire will bring 450 jobs to Macon

At a press conference in Macon Tuesday, Mayor Robert Reichert said all good things are worth waiting and worth fighting for.

And it has been a bit of a wait. Initial plans for the Kumho Tire factory were halted in 2008 after the economy stalled.

But after regrouping the company is back on the road to progress.

"Macon-Bibb County, we have waited. We have fought. Kumho has waited and has fought to make this the right time to announce the restart of their construction and we are absolutely thrilled and delighted."

The Korean company plans to have the factory fully operational by January of 2016.

"About 16 months, 18 months maximum they hope to be in production and they hope to produce 4 million tires a year at this plant," Reichert said.

And the people making those tires stand to earn 40,000 dollars or more a year.

"So, these are high-quality household jobs so we're very, very pleased with that," Macon-Bibb

The original plans for the plant had a $225 million price tag, but that number has grown to $413 million to build a more savvy operation.

"They're taking advantage of new technology that will allow them to increase the capacity of tire production using approximately the same number of employees, but just bigger, faster more reliable and safer equipment," Reichert said.

Kumho tires plans to begin construction in August.

The Kumho tire plant will be on Highway 247 in Sofkee Industrial Park.

There's no exact date yet on when hiring will begin.


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