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Soccer fans watch Belgium defeat team USA | News

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Soccer fans watch Belgium defeat team USA

Team USA fans packed one restaurant in downtown Macon to watch what would turn out to be their last game in the 2014 World Cup.

13WMAZ was right in the cheering action and some rants of disappointment too.

"I've spent six years in the military, one deployment overseas in Iraq and I got to watch some soccer while I was overseas, now I'm glad I get to watch it back home," said Kyle Frank.

Thomas Jedreski, just moved to town and said he enjoys the camaraderie here in Macon. "When we start singing, when we get up when we're about to score, or when we get a really good defense nothing really beats that, and what's going on right now, just absolutely amazing to be a part of this moment."

Then the game took a turn for the worst.

Josh Cowan explains what was keeping the players back, "They're not doing great, they're not shooting, you miss all of the ones you don't shoot so if they shoot more they'll make more. They're going backwards, you can't go backwards. I don't understand all this backwards passing what is that, I don't get it."

Although team USA only scored once in their game against Belgium's two goals, the fans didn't stop cheering them on.

"I mean, it's eleven guys giving a hundred and ten percent all for the red, white and blue," said Dylan Rebstock.

Jedreski says with all that's going on the world, it's nice to have something positive to be excited about.

Unfortunately, USA did not defeat Belgium, and were knocked out of the 2014 World Cup with a score of two to one.

Belgium will continue, taking on Argentina Saturday.


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