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Crossing borders for fireworks still illegal | News

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Crossing borders for fireworks still illegal

The Fourth of July is nearly here and the fireworks have already started. So, what's legal, and what isn't?

Georgia law states non-explosive fireworks that do not leave the ground are legal. However, Georgians still drive across state borders to purchase a bigger bang.

Carla Phillips has been selling fireworks in the area since June 26th. However, she says when it comes to crossing borders, "I don't think they care, they just want something that's pretty up in the sky, they want something that goes boom."

Casey Moody is a mother grabbing some last minute sparklers for the holiday. Moody says she's all for keeping the bigger fireworks illegal.

She says, "They can shoot up in the sky and cause fires on people's houses and properties, and they are loud for animals."

Lieutenant Sean DeFoe says he doesn't remember the Bibb County Sheriff's Office ever getting a complaint about illegal fireworks. They do, however, receive many noise complaints around the Fourth.

Moody adds, "It's very dangerous because not only is my house in danger of catching on fire with people buying illegal fireworks, but there's people in other houses around our neighborhood that that could happen to."

The biggest message - stay safe.

Even if you're using legal fireworks this weekend, public safety officials warn you to be safe. They say to remember to keep water close by while you are shooting fireworks, and don't forget to soak them before you throw them away.

The Bibb Sheriff's Office is also asking the public to refrain from using celebratory gunfire, an action done by firing a firearm into the air. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also against the law.

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