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Macon 30 campaign continues through summer | News

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Macon 30 campaign continues through summer

The Macon 30 campaign is pressing on, after thirty-three days without a murder in Macon. The campaign is a push by community members to end violence and reduce the number of murders in the city.

Danny Glover held a press conference to discuss the campaign's success and their plan for the future.
He says although they've reached their original goal, the campaign isn't over because he says there's more work to be done.

They want to teach the community to develop neighborhood watches and they're working on a hotline called the "beef hotline".
"They don't want to be a snitch, they don't want to call the police, they can call this beef hotline and it will be staffed with mediators across the city to talk to them." explains Glover.

"The mediators will be community mediators, they won't necessarily be associated with the court, but the people in the community that want to be agents of peace and who want to learn how to better manage their conflicts so they're not fighting." says Brenda Sutton Director of Mediation for the Houston-Macon Judicial Circuit.

The organization is still working on the hotline and don't have a set date for when it will be active yet, but they plan to continue their Macon 30 campaign through the summer.


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